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announcement [Jul. 1st, 2004|08:49 pm]
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[music |Ustadji]

from today, my journal will be for 'friends only'**. the reason being that my entries have become quite personal lately. i am not sure if i'd want ram sham jodu modu to be aware of such details of my life.
i do realize that certain people on my list aren't my most intimate friends, but then again, i do them know them to an extent. some, are close and i can trust. and those who i only met through LJ and don't know beyond the walls of LJ...well, there must have been a reason for me adding them.

i am not going to be super picky in adding new friends. but at this point, i think everyone i know is already on the list. however, if you do wish to be added, just leave me a note.

i provided some friends and family members with the link and they have been reading my LJ but don't have an LJ of their own; you all should just open an account and add me to your friends list. you don't necessarily have to be making entries, you know!

ciao, public viewers!

** this seems to be creating some problems amongst the newbies to LJ and those who don't know what LJ is. by 'friends only' i mean, people who have LJ accounts and are on my 'LJ friends' list. so, don't assume, that by 'friends only' i mean something clique-y! uffffo!
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